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October 2011 Entries

If you, like me, have ever looked over the MSDN documentation and though how nice it would be to have that type of documentation for your codebase, SandCastle is the tool you’ve been looking for. SandCastle is a Codeplex project initiated by Microsoft in order to provide MSDN-esque documentation for .NET projects or asssemblies. The documentation can come in several formats such as CHM files or a website. GhostDoc and SandCastle Help File Builder To get started with SandCastle for documentation, ......

Test Data Builder Pattern When unit testing we often need to fill any POCO objects with enough data to satisfy the needs of the test. Redoing this in every test can quickly become a burden and slow down the testing process. Test Data Builder is a pattern that’s meant to help in just that situation. With test data builder you build a fluent interface that allows you to build out your POCO objects by only replacing the properties that you need specific values for. The other values are set to defaults ......