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WTF Next? Dev ramblings from a master of nothing. ASP.NET MVC There are 6 entries for the tag ASP.NET MVC
When we talk about UI Architecture, a common theme of Model-View-Something continues to come up. The question is, however, what is the something? Am I working with Model-View-Controller? Model-View-Presenter? Something else? The purpose of this blog is to explore the difference between MVC / MVP to give you an understanding of what they mean to accomplish, what are the differences and what situations best cater to each. Does it really matter? Does the difference really matter between MVC / MVP? Well, ......

Posted On Thursday, September 29, 2011 9:24 AM

Unit Testing Role-based Authorization in ASP.NET MVC 3
When testing in ASP.NET MVC3, one of the common elements you might want to test is authorization. Although the framework does most of the heavy lifting for ASP.NET Membership and authorization it is still worthwhile to be able to write a test to show that the proper Authorization tag is in place. You might think that it’s as easy as calling the method on the controller with a proper context, but that’s not the case. When you call the methods directly on the controller the authorizations are skipped. ......

Posted On Tuesday, August 23, 2011 1:02 AM

Instant Presentations, Just Add Presenter.
.NET University has a variety of presentations available for download, including code examples and videos. Use the materials to learn or to present at your next DNUG meeting ;) The presentations cover a variety of different topics, so if you’ve already got a presentation planned and you just want to compare, be sure to check’em out. All the popular topics like Silverlight, WPF, WCF, LINQ, and ASP.NET MVC are covered. Instant presentations, just add presenter. Technorati Tags: ......

Posted On Wednesday, October 7, 2009 3:47 PM

October Baton Rouge .NET Users Group Meeting (in November)
NOTICE: Due to a scheduling conflicts as Halloween activities the October meeting has been moved 1 week to Wednesday, November 5th. Sorry for any inconvenience. .Net User Group Meeting location: At Lamar Advertising Wednesday, November 5th, 2008 5:45 PM - 8:15 PM Sponsored by: Portico Learning Solutions Presenter Jeremy Beckham BIO: Jeremy is a Senior Developer for High Power Consulting, Inc. and has over 5 years of experience in .Net and SQL Server development. He's worked on projects ranging from ......

Posted On Tuesday, October 28, 2008 11:16 AM

ASP.NET MVC Beta Released
If you follow the GWB blogs, chances are you’ll get tired of hearing this. However, the ASP.NET MVC Beta has been released, and I think a good amount of people are very excited for its release. I remember our BRDNUG meeting on the ASP.NET MVC, and how it was hard to tell anyone what would work for which preview version because of the vast differences and changes that occurred between the early previews and the later previews. Now that we have a beta, we should see a lot more stable MVC. From the ......

Posted On Thursday, October 16, 2008 9:22 AM

Baton Rouge SQL Server User Group Meeting
In the Baton Rouge Area with as open Tuesday afternoon? Check out the SQL Server Users Group Meeting this week. Location: At Lamar Advertising Thursday, October 23, 2008 5:45 PM - 8:00 PM Sponsored By: FuelTrac Presenter: Mike Huguet BIO Mike is an Enterprise Solutions Architect for Sparkhound, Inc. with over 9 years of experience in developing business solutions for Enterprise, Mid-market, and governmental customers. Five of those years have been as a consultant working with clients such as Jiffy ......

Posted On Sunday, October 12, 2008 7:43 PM

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